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"It doesn't matter what style of offense you run, it all starts up front"

The game of football continues to evolve year after year from the pre-forward pass days to the days of 80 pass attempts a game, but some things never change, and while fielding questions from the media recently, Oklahoma State offensive coordinator Mike Yurcich reminded everyone that some things about the game will never change.

Before getting into what the Cowboy offensive line needs to do to improve from a 2015 unit that ranked near the bottom of the barrel nationally in sacks allowed (2.46 per game) and tackles for loss allowed (6.62 per game), Yurcich shared some wisdom that will make offensive line coaches everywhere smile.

"It all starts up front. The game hasn't changed."

"It doesn't matter what style of offense you have, it all starts up front."

"We know that we have to make improvements up front, and that we made improvements in the spring and we have to continue on that path. There is no other way to do that than to practice, and practice tough, and make sure we're in good plays and giving our guys a chance, but at the end of the day it's about coming off the ball, striking, being in good body position, and finishing."

Hear more from Yurcich below.