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Don't ask Nick Saban about injuries during spring football

There are two topics Nick Saban loathes talking about -- injuries and quarterback battles. Especially in the spring time.

Combine all three elements and we've got the perfect cocktail for a spicy Nick Saban, when he was asked Thursday about injured players and presumed starting quarterback Bryce Young's supposed progress.

"If we were playing in the playoffs, I might tell you whether they were going to play or not," he said.

"If they play, it's going to be an opportunity for them to improve and get better. If they don't, it's going to be an opportunity for the guy that's behind them to play and get better. Either way, we win. So I don't think (disclosing injuries) is significant."

Asked about Young's progress in practice, Saban snapped, "Well, how do you know that he's progressed the way he has? What have you seen to be able to make that statement?"

Thankfully, Saban talked right past his rhetorical statement, thereby saving us from the most awkward silence in college football spring press conference history.

Alabama's spring game is Saturday, so we'll all get to see how confident and improved Young happens to be.