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Don't expect James Franklin to take an NFL job anytime soon

James Franklin Penn State

In an interview with Fight On State - Penn State's Scout site - Nittany Lions head coach James Franklin was asked how long he expects to stay in State College. It's a natural question. Franklin is 43 years old and already has a stronger resume than the previous head coach, who left Penn State after two years to take an NFL gig.

“You know what's funny is, I don't even necessarily think that's a question for me. I think when you follow Joe, the assumption at Penn State is that the next guy is going to stay here forever, as well. So when that guy leaves (quickly), people are kind of shocked by that. So I think it's more of a question that people were shocked … that a head football coach at Penn State is supposed to stay 80 years. That's how we expect it to be done. That's what we know. That's what we're comfortable with," Franklin told the site. "I'm excited because I'm finally at a place that we can stay and we can build it the right way,” he said. “I've never (had) that. I've always showed up at a place and it was kind of a mess and then we had to clean up the mess, and right when we got it cleaned up, ended up having to leave to go to the next job for a number of reasons -- more than anything an opportunity."

Then again, what do you expect him to say? Does anyone really think the head coach at Penn State is going to tell a Penn State fan site, "Yep, I'm leaving at the first opportunity that comes my way"? I don't think this is lip service, though.

Let's examine what Franklin said in an entirely different context, this time to a group of young coaches at the AFCA Convention in January: "When I worked for the Packers, my wife and kids never saw the office. Families weren’t allowed up there. My kids are at Penn State every day. It’s important for us and our own families, but we’re raising kids (on our teams). I want them to see me with my family. There are a lot of a–holes in this business."

He expanded on that with Fight On State, explaining how he left skid marks on his way out of Green Bay following Mike Sherman's firing. “Literally, the press conference for Coach Sherman was at 9:00 (a.m.), him being let go, and I was on a plane flying to Kansas State by 11 and never went back,” he said. “Packed up two bags, got on the plane and went."

Beyond that, Franklin says, he likes coaching - and specifically college coaching - because it provides the opportunity to help him turn boys into men. “I know what (college) did for me,” he said. “I was a really immature kid that didn't appreciate the value of an education until I went to college, to be honest with you. And I really grew up and matured during my time in college and ended up getting a degree and doing pretty well and then the same thing with my master's degree. So I know what the game did for me and my family, and the opportunities it created for me, and I wanted to be able to provide that opportunity to other people.”

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