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#DontRetireKid video puts parents and coaches on notice

When I read this tweet early this morning, I thought back to the players at program's I've been involved with over the years that decided to quit, and - even though (in most cases) it likely had nothing to do with the coaches - each time it did feel a bit more personal than it should have.

Coaches understand better than anyone that football isn't for everyone, but a kid deciding he's better off not playing football, or any other sport for that matter, still has a way of sticking with you.

I bring up that tweet to share a bigger message.

We see and read all the time about how participation in football is declining across America. But the decline in participation is't limited to just football. According to the Aspen Institute, 62% of kids have given up on sports.

Addressing that is the mission of their latest video - #DontRETIREKid, and it's something that the parents in your program, the youth coaches for your program, and your assistants should sit and digest.

Make sure the people you're charged with hiring provide an outstanding and memorable experience for the younger people in your program.