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Doug Meacham's TCU offense scored so many points Saturday (82), they literally ran out of fireworks


What we thought of Doug Meacham's hiring at TCU has already been well documented, but the Horned Frogs' dismantling of Texas Tech's defense on Saturday has brought our appreciation for the hire to a whole new level.

First of all, TCU is one of those schools that shoots off fireworks after each touchdown. But when you put up 82 points in a game, you'd better have a fireworks warehouse located at the stadium, or you've got an issue.

That's exactly what happened on Saturday as TCU took over the top spot for scoring offense in the country in the 82-27 romp.

It was the highest point total from one team since 2010.

You read that right. TCU used their allotment of fireworks for the season, in ONE GAME. Might want to go ahead and order more for next season. Good work TCU.  (H/T SB Nation)