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Duke basketball may have created the next trend in the facility arms race

The facilities arms race has led to new areas in football facilities that would have been laughed at 20 years ago. Things like barbershops, mini golf courses, indoor waterfalls, slides instead of stairs, nap pods, and lockers that unfold into small beds for quick naps.

All that leads many to wonder what is on the horizon as the next must-have trend in the facility arms race.

That leads me to this new addition by the Duke basketball program, who decided to add a new area where players can bring their families after games. The new room includes plenty of areas for lounging, a number of TVs, and plenty of room to eat with family.

Obviously, for a basketball team that space will be a lot smaller than if a football facility decided to adopt it, but for programs that preach about the importance of creating a family atmosphere, a space like this for their football team could go a long way.

Check out the new family space for Duke men's basketball in the clip.