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During emotional presser about Clemson's new football home, Dabo's deep love for Clemson is clear

Dabo Swinney loves Clemson with everything he's got. No one has, or will, ever doubt that. It shows in the way he recruits young men to his program, the way he coaches, and the way he interacts with reporters.

With news of the pending new football complex picking up steam, Swinney was tasked with talking about it to a group of reporters and supporters of the Clemson program, and he couldn't hold back his emotions from the get-go.

"Ain't it good to be a Tiger?" Dabo's first words were as he stepped to the podium.

"I am just thrilled to be here...and humbled," he continued, fighting back tears. "Really, to be honest with you, I was trying to figure out what to say on the drive over here. That may shock some of you."

"I've just been full of emotion for the whole year," he begins to say, before having to turn away from the podium for a moment to collect himself. "It takes a lot of people...and this has been quite a journey."

Dabo says that the new football complex will be "the best in the nation, without a doubt. Take a virtual tour of it here.