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The Eagles are using Twitter in a way to serve their fans that other teams should copy

One of the ways the Internet has changed football is that it's awoken a hunger among fans for actual X's and O's film and analysis to a level that compares only with an African elephant that hasn't eaten in three months. Long gone are the days when ESPN's Edge NFL Matchup (shoutout to Jaws and Merrill Hoge) was the layman's only outlet for a qualitative game film analysis. Fans can now access the equivalent of a weekly 30-minute show during their lunch. Every single day.

Twitter has a number of accounts that have filled this void, but, really, this should be an area college and NFL teams should absolutely own. They have, after all, the built in advantage of owning the footage and employing a staff of people to cut it into bite-sized chunks.

Hey, you know what medium works well for 30-second videos? Twitter!

Case in point, Philadelphia Eagles video content manager Fran Duffy has spent his Monday tweeting a number of cuts from yesterday's defeat of the Cleveland Browns.

If nothing else, look at this throw. Look at this ****ing throw.

The plays Duffy showed weren't all sunshine and rainbows, either.

That Philadelphia opened with a 29-10 win in a game where their No. 2 pick threw for 278 yards with two touchdowns and no picks. We'll have to wait and see if the Eagles' willingness to peel back the curtain remains the Monday after a 31-10 loss. The guess here is they will -- NFL teams in particular have become more comfortable in openly second-guessing themselves of late as they compete with the media who cover them.

But either way, this is an idea we'd like to see every team copy.