I don’t know about you, but a nice day of team-building on the lake to means fishing, tubing, water skiing and maybe a little cliff-jumping if we’re feeling frisky. Not Chris Creighton.

No, the Eastern Michigan head coach made his staff go rowing.

Creighton split his staff into offensive and defensive groups and pit them against each other in what was dubbed “Battle for the Staff Room.”

“It was an awesome teamwork exercise and a fun competition,” Creighton said. “We appreciate the rowing team for letting us come out here and do it. It was a great experience. My brother rowed, so I had a little bit of experience knowing how grueling the sport is. For our staff to be out here, with many in a shell for the first time, it’s hard to balance not to mention having to be so well coordinated to fly through the water like they do. Much respect has to be given to our rowing program.”

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