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ECU has put up a billboard trolling UNC and NC State


Following East Carolina's absolute dismantling of in state foe North Carolina on Saturday (70-41), an ECU fan took the liberty of trolling hard on the two in state schools.

The 70-41 jab is a little more obvious than the "This is Aargh! State" uppercut, which is aimed at NC State's "This is Our State" marketing campaign from a few years back. While it is pretty clever, a similar billboard was posted after their win over the Wolf Pack last season.

The #BeneathWho reportedly came from some bulletin board material that North Carolina safety Tim Scott provided before the game by saying; "ECU is… they always been beneath us and I feel like this year they feel think they're on top of us and they've been playing like it,” according to Channel 6 WATE.

In my opinion, when you dominate a game like ECU did, you deserve the right to troll hard like this. Very well deserved.