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Ed Orgeron: "If we drill it, we film it. If we film it, we watch it. If it's broke, we fix it."

Barstool Sports' Pardon My Take, one of the most popular podcasts in the history of podcasts, was able to lock up Ed Orgeron for a sit down. As you'd expect, the interview had more than a few entertaining and insightful moments.

Asked by the guys how much of his job is X's and O's related as the head coach of a major college program, Orgeron provided a look at how he runs his program at LSU:

"I do not look at myself as just a CEO. I come to work early in the morning and I get that stuff done in the morning, before everyone gets to work. I get organized. I do the practice schedules. I do recruiting. Any administrative stuff that I need to take care of , and then when it hits 8 o'clock, I'm all football. I'm ready to go. All during the day I'm doing football. At night we watch film, before I go home I check my duties and whatever I need to do, I do it, but I'm more of an on-the-field coach."

"I coach the defensive line. I watch every piece of film. I watch offense and defense. We have a saying here that 'If we drill it, we film it. If we film it, we watch it. If it's broke, we fix it.' That's jusst what we do."

As a teaser for the full episode yesterday, PMT had coach O read this lead-in using grit as the theme, and it's actually pretty darn good.

"Down on the Bayou, grit means more."

"Grit is your mamma calling you for supper. Not to eat it, but to catch it."

Here you can listen to the full podcast where Coach O also shared some great stories related to Pete Carroll on top of some other great tidbits.