The remarkable season at LSU can be attributed to a number of different things and people, including coach Ed Orgeron, to Joe Brady or Steve Ensminger to Dave Aranda, or a whole host of others who helped them reach the pinnacle of college football.

But listen to Ed Orgeron talk at their national championship parade, and he identifies their success as a byproduct of a program that had turned the corner from being coach-led into being a player-led program that made a few really simple, but impactful decisions.

“I’ll tell you what, this is a player driven program. This is all about the players, and they did it. We started working last January 17th and they worked for a year.

“They decided they’re not going out anymore. They decided they’re going to class. They decided they’re going to do the right thing. They decided to graduate.”

“They decided that having character is cool.”

I have a feeling a lot of coaches will have this clip cued up for their team during team meetings headed into fall camp.

See Orgeron’s comments below.

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