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How far will Ed Orgeron go to win and motivate? Well...he once kept a live worm in his mouth

Ed Orgeron is a man with many, many interesting stories.

Today, while on the mid-morning show Coast to Coast, coach O shared a story reflecting on his days as a graduate assistant back in the mid-1980's where he held a worm in his mouth during a motivational speech to the team.

"It was about two guys fishing. They were in Alaska, had to cut a hole to fish. One guy was catching fish and other wasn’t."

The guy that wasn't catching anything spoke up in frustration, asking, "Hey man, I’m using the same bait. Why am I not catching fish?"

The man catching fish answered, "I have a secret. I keep the worms in my mouth to keep them warm before I put them in. I do whatever it takes to feed my family."

The Advocate points out that Coach O finished the story before sharing with the team, "Whatever it takes to win, I’ll do the same things." He then pulled a live, wiggling worm from his mouth, much to the surprise fo the players.

stories like that are just one of many reasons Ed Orgeron may be the favorite choice of head college football coach among fellow coaches to share a beer, or few energy drinks, with. The stories he has are top notch, and that's just one prime example.