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Ed Orgeron reveals the secret to his seemingly limitless energy on radio show

LSU head coach Ed Orgeron is known for a number of things. Just to rattle off a few: he's widely regarded as one of the top recruiters of talent in the country, he has a mean Louisiana accent that is sometimes undecipherable to outsiders, and he always seems to be overflowing with energy.

This morning, on the LeBatard Show, Orgeron let listeners in on a little secret behind that seemingly limitless energy - lots of Monster energy drinks...and then some more.

The magic of caffeine is no stranger to the coaching profession (Dana Holgorsen is known for his affinity for Red Bull and Mike Leach always seems to have coffee in his hand) but 8-10 a day?!?!?!

It's worth noting that coach O recently made the decision to give up energy drinks, and has shed some weight on the no-Monster diet, as The Advocate points out.

That also begs the question; where's Orgeron's energy come from when he's not consuming energy drinks?