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Ed Orgeron sent a letter to each member of the LSU band

From the moment he was named LSU's interim head coach on Sept. 25 of last year, every move Ed Orgeron made was with the goal of gaining the full-time job in mind. Orgeron spent the next two months on his quote-unquote best behavior, uniting the entire LSU community behind what he believed would become an Orgeron administration.

As we now know, that plan worked. Orgeron signed a 5-year contract in November, but that approach hasn't stopped. LSU is Orgeron's dream job, a position he clearly appreciates after a decades-long struggle, and he clearly plans to keep it as long as possible.

Case in point:

It's a small gesture, sure, and no one believes Orgeron himself typed out each of these letters. But, still, it worked. Ryan felt moved enough by the gesture to show it to a member of the media.

A hundred small gestures like that, quick pats on the back to everyone who contributes to the LSU football program, will combine to create a united movement behind Orgeron and the Tigers' program.

Coach O didn't understand that before. But he does now.