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Ed Orgeron: "We've got to call better plays, and we've got to have a better plan"

Ed Orgeron and defending national champions LSU aren't where they had hoped to be sitting at at 3-4 seven games into the season after this past weekend's 20-7 loss to Texas A&M.

After the game, Orgeron was once again critical of his play callers. This isn't the first time Orgeron has been critical of his coordinators this season, as defensive coordinator Bo Pelini was the target of some critical comments earlier this season after some disappointing defensive outings.

However, his comments seemed directed at offensive coordinator Steve Ensminger and the the offensive staff this time around.

"It all starts up front with our blocking. There was no room for us to run the football."

"I think we've got to call better plays, and I we've got to have a better plan. I was really disappointed in our plan. I was disappointed in our execution."

"I look at a guy like Terrance Marshall. I mean, look at how he played. Look at the catches that he made. We've got to use these guys better. We've got to have a better plan."

The Tigers lost a load of talent on offense from last year notably Joe Burrow, as well as passing game coordinator Joe Brady, so a step back on that side of the ball from the most prolific college football offense ever was surely expected.

LSU is averaging 30 points per game (55th nationally), and rank 114th in rushing offense (112 ypg), and 18th in passing offense (313 ypg). Also, the Tigers rank near the bottom of the FBS in 3rd down conversions (108th).

See Orgeron's comments in the clip.