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Eli Drinkwitz explains how spring ball with a new staff is like going through a fast food drive-thru

Eli Drinkwitz was able to keep a couple of Scott Satterfield's offensive assistants on board with him during the coaching transition, but with coach Drink bringing in a whole new system and verbiage for players and his newly assembled staff, some bumps in the road during spring ball were expected.

See a full breakdown of how Drinkwitz's staff has shaped up here, via the #StaffTracker.

In a piece by the Watauga Democrat, Drinkwitz compared the installation process with so many new guys, especially offensively, to going through a fast food drive-thru window.

“It’s like you’re driving through a drive-thru window and a guy is just throwing the fries at you. Right now, we’re hoping to get one or two of the fries in the window, and other than that, we’ll figure it out this summer."

I'm not sure if Drinkwitz means you're working the drive-thru, or actually driving through it, but either way you can pick up what he's trying to convey.

"It’s a whole new offense, a new scheme with new terminology, so you have to pick little pieces. The thing is, if you make a mistake, that’s part of learning. Make a mistake, make it at full speed and then correct it on the field and don’t make it the next day.”

Head here to read the full piece, including the three goals he has for the team for the spring.