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Eli Manning finally explains what the famous "Omaha" alert meant


The most used audible to come out of Peyton and Eli Manning's mouth the past few seasons has finally had its meaning revealed. Back in January, ran an interesting story detailing on how Peyton had used the Omaha alert a total of 44 times in Denver's game against San Diego. Now, thanks to Eli, we know exactly why.

At the Giants Town Hall event Tuesday night, Eli Manning spilled the beans on the most copied audible by today's youth in American backyards.

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After stating how comfortable he is with the new terminology of the Giants' offense, Eli said the only problem is that "Omaha" is no longer among his list of alerts.

"I think I can actually tell you now what 'Omaha' meant." Eli said, which garnered a roar of applause from the crowd.

"Alright, so Omaha was in the playbook. There was actually a sheet with Omaha at the top. Basically, Omaha was...maybe we changed the play, or maybe I had changed the protection, or maybe [Dave] Diehl had to tie his shoe and it was taking forever, and the play clock is running down, and Omaha just told everybody to put their hand in the ground, shut up, and the ball is about to be snapped."

"So I'm going to say 'Omaha,' I'm going to say it again, and say 'Set, Hut,' and you do whatever you think you need to be doing, and let's go play football. So there you go."