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"When you sow jackass, you reap jackass."

Eliah Drinkwitz pushed Dan Mullen out the door at Florida on Saturday night, and on Tuesday the Mizzou coach gave his former colleague a parting kick to the backside.

Dan Mullen will be out of a job when Florida's season ends. While this season fell well below expectations, his 103-61 record as a head coach and his track record of developing quarterbacks means he should not be out of a job for long, should we so desire.

But we can safely say Dan Mullen won't be an offensive analyst at Missouri in 2022.

To quickly back up a bit, Mullen's tenure at Florida effectively ended with two gut punches, delivered by the fists of Eliah Drinkwitz. 

First, he called a successful 2-point play for Mizzou to pull off a 24-23 overtime win over Florida last Saturday night. Mullen likely doesn't survive this season even had his Gators escaped Columbia with a win, but he didn't. Florida lost that game and Mullen was out of a job by Sunday. 

Then, in the press conference, Drinkwitz dug into the archives to land another punch.

It's the type of move Drinkwitz and his deputies plotting a full year in advance. "If we beat them next year...."

Asked about it on Tuesday, Drinkwitz then gave his former colleague this parting shot on his way out the door.

Tell us how you really feel, Drink.