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Entire conferences are suspending athletic related activities and recruiting

Earlier today, we shared a piece asking if it was in the best interest of the NCAA as a whole should consider suspending spring practices and recruiting.

That is now what is happening as conferences are stepping forward to suspend or cancel all athletic activities.

Just after a number of league basketball tournaments decided to cancel or postpone their games, a number of conferences have come out to not only suspend all athletic related activities including spring practices, but recruiting visits and other related events as well.

It really started at the FCS level with the Ivy League yesterday, followed by the Patriot League today. The major conferences did the same today, starting with the SEC. The ACC has since announced that they're doing the same, and there's plenty of chatter that the Big Ten as a conference will soon follow suit. [Update >> The Big Ten has announced that they are cancelling all competitions including spring sports that compete beyond the academic year as well as recruiting activities for the forseeable future]

The SEC announced that they're suspending athletics through March 30th, which will affect football activities like scheduled Pro Days, as NFL personnel will not be allowed on campus. Mike Garafolo tweets that schools and coaches are currently trying to figure out how to work around that.

The way things have progressed today in the wake of containing the coronavirus pandemic that has swept the country and world the past week or so, it seems more and more like it is only a matter of time before every league in the country follows suit.

The NBA, NHL, MLB, and MLS (as well as a number of state high school associations) have all announced their decision to suspend the season, and a growing number of NFL teams have pulled coaches and scouts off the road in the interest of safety.

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