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Episode 1 of the FootballScoop Podcast: Butch Davis, plus keys to developing a successful HS football program

This week, in Episode 1 of the FootballScoop Podcast.


In The Press Box this week, Zach Barnett talks with new FIU head coach Butch Davis about his plans at FIU, his previous stops at Miami and North Carolina, and they also talk about his first coaching contract ever, and how that has helped mold him into the coach that he is today.


This week, on Beyond The Whistle, Doug is joined by Shiloh Christian head coach Jeff Conaway and Ferris State (D-II - MI) run game coordinator / quarterbacks coach Dan Rohn who built Fremont into a perennial playoff team before transforming Grand Rapids West Catholic (MI) into one of the premier programs in the state, where he won four state titles in five seasons. The two coaches share their approach and ideas on building successful a successful football program, how they've gotten creative in involving parents and the community and how that has contributed to their success, and a few other pieces of advice for coaches looking to either start, or continue to build their respective programs.

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