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ESPN and Peyton Manning debuting "ultimate film session for anyone who wants to learn and improve."

Every generation has a few quarterbacks that are so brilliant diagnosing defenses that you wish you could get inside their head, or sit down and break down some film with them.

For me, and many other coaches, who have thoroughly enjoyed film room shows like John Gruden's QB Camp, one of those quarterbacks I've always wanted to get inside the mind of was Peyton Manning. As great as he was on the field, his preparation was even more legendary

Well thanks to Manning's latest foray into TV, it looks we'll get a great look at what made Manning special.

The series Detail from ESPN got its start with Kobe Bryant last year and focused on basketball with Bryant lending some incredible insight. Now, heading into its second season the show is expanding to the gridiron.

Kobe notes in the official release that the show is aimed at helping athletes get better, but I'll add that it certainly has an angle and value for coaches as well.

For those unfamiliar, here's a look at the type of next-level insight that we can expect with Peyton judging from an basketball episode from Kobe last season.

"Peyton was my first call to be the NFL athlete due to his unrelenting preparation and study of his craft. The next generation of football players will learn first-hand how one of the gretest players of all time objectively breaks down a game," Bryant, who's Granity Studios is producing the show, shared in the release.

"It's the ultimate film session for anyone who wants to learn and improve."

More, via the release:

Manning, working in collaboration with NFL Films and Granity Studios, will host, write and share his insights to the football-themed Detail, with NFL Films editing the shows into an eight-episode series – exclusively available on ESPN+. The two-time Super Bowl champion will select NFL games throughout the current season and break down the film. The first episode of Manning’s Detail will be available Thursday (October 18) on ESPN+ and takes a look at Josh Rosen’s game versus the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday, October 14. Remaining episodes are expected to be available on a weekly or bi-weekly basis throughout the 2018-19 NFL season.

For those of us disappointed in the direction of what became of Gruden's QB camp after his departure, this looks like it will fill the void - if you're willing to pony up for ESPN+.

Head here to read the full release with more details.