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ESPN's new studio will be 'unlike anything on sports TV'

For those that haven't heard, ESPN is building a brand new $175 million building, which includes 25,000 square feet of studio space, 6 million feet of fiber optic cable, and a large glass wall overlooking a giant glass cube the features images sent by ESPN's graphic artists.

Hannah Storm, one of the faces of ESPN, told The Courant that the new studio will not only look different to viewers, but it will "be unlike anything on sports TV."

As a further testament to how sweet the changes will be, ESPN president John Skipper called the new set "future proof". Now that's saying something.

The new set, which will go live in June will be home to SportsCenter, and will include two giant vertical video screens, dynamic backdrops for the studio anchors and guests, and will lean more towards bold, rather than complex. The Courant article likens the new set to CNN's interactive studio, and ESPN's press release describes it as "virtual technology, two touch screens, a 56 LED multidimensional monitor wall and the ability to do live and pre-produced segments simultaneously."

In closing, the new set sounds like the closest thing that any of the anchors or guests of SportsCenter will ever get to being on a spaceship, which should make watching ESPN updates in HD a whole lot of fun.

No picture for now, but the launch of the new set is just a few weeks away. Read more about the new set here.