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ESPN takes you inside a meeting with the Ohio State running backs


Very few (if any) people would have guessed that Ohio State would lose dual-threat-do everything quarterback Braxton Miller, and yet still rank in the top five in scoring offense (#4 nationally), and top 20 in rushing offense (#17 nationally). But thanks to the work of offensive coordinator Tom Herman and, in part, running backs coach Stan Drayton, the offense doesn't seem to have missed a beat.

ESPN recently wrote a piece taking you inside the meeting room with Stan Drayton and his running backs, and the messages he drills home to his running backs during their meeting.

One note in the article that I found interesting is that with all the blue-chip talent that Drayton has in the room, very little time is spent on reviewing plays where the football is actually in their hands.

Instead, Drayton dedicates the first 20 minutes of the 6:30am meeting to go over blitz pick up and pass protection clips.

"You don't get better unless you unselfishly give back to your brother." the piece points out.

That right there gives you a glimpse at the approach that Drayton takes in creating a well rounded back takes pride in the little things when the ball isn't in his hands.

Take a look at the fill article here.