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ESPN takes you on a tour of Les Miles' office

What would be more surprising to you: if Les Miles had an owl and a thumb-sized container of grass in his office, or if he didn't?

This is Les Miles, after all. Of course he does.

It was The Hat's turn in ESPN's ongoing series of touring coaches' offices, where we learned that Les makes sure his SID keeps some grass on hand whenever LSU goes on the road.

This office visit took place during the offseason, so the grass in the box was dead. But when the Tigers are preparing to play at a domed stadium or at a venue with artificial turf, Miles said he entrusts sports information director Michael Bonnette with refilling his grass supply. He keeps the little box in his pocket during games in case he needs to get a quick fix of lush Tiger Stadium Green.

"It's used to cut a dry taste in your mouth. I get it in there occasionally," Miles said. "If I'm in a home field, I obviously don't bring it. If I'm on an artificial turf, obviously I need to bring it. Sometimes if I'm away and it's a grass turf, it doesn't make any difference to me. But I've enjoyed it."

As for the owl? Apparently a parliament of owls (look it up) had taken nest on the roof of Les' porch, so LSU's facilities staff installed an owl decoy to scare off the real ones.


Miles, who unlike other coaches did not shoot any videos for his tour, has a number of personal memorabilia pieces ranging from the truly heart-felt (a game ball from the game after his father died, the program from Bo Schembechler's final game) to the the nutty, like an ad for a local chicken joint that the entire Miles clan appeared in...

Miles canes

... or a five-foot walking stick an LSU fan gave him. "Somebody put this thing together so that I could have a weapon, I guess," Miles said. "The Mad Hatter stick with the little [uprights]. It's kind of cool."

Walking stick

The whole thing is just so positively Les. We encourage you to check it out.