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ESPN is taking you inside the lives of coaches wives of the SEC

ESPN is rolling out an interesting new series looking inside the lives of the leading women behind the coaches of the SEC. It is appropriately titled "The Better Half".

Each one sheds some light on the lives of the wives that are asked to oftentimes do it all during football season. Below are the trailers for Mrs. Freeze, Mrs. Saban, Mrs. Bielema, Mrs. Miles, Mrs. Muschamp, Mrs. Richt, Mrs. Spurrier, Mrs. Malzahn, and Mrs. Mullen.

Each one provides some insight into SEC coaches that you likely didn't know before; like the Malzahn's post game tradition after a win (and a loss), or the wildest dreams of Mrs. Saban.

It's always good to see some of these women get their due. We wouldn't be able to do our jobs with women like them.