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The estimated cost of Miami's new turnover chain will floor you

Since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, all these turnover props that have popped up on sidelines after Miami's original turnover chain took over the college football world are just that, imitations.

With that said, Miami's commitment to the turnover chain goes well beyond having it ready on the sideline for every turnover, they've poured some serious money into the 2018 version according to Canes Insider.

According to their report, the new Miami turnover chain has a value just shy of $100,000.

The main difference between the 2018 version and 2017 versions of the chain is the logo attached. Last year, the iconic "U" was used, while this year a gem encrusted Ibis adorns the chain. The new chain is also about two pounds heavier, three inches longer, and the new Ibis logo is made up of over 3,100 precious stones.

To come to the figure of just over $98k, the took the value of the 24k gold chain weighing over seven pounds ($78,456), and then added the estimated value of the custom Ibis and the 3,100 sapphire gems.

...and that's just the gold and gem value. Something tells me Miami (and some in their loyal fan base) would find the prop much more valuable than that sticker price, especially if they're able to recover from the LSU loss week one to go on to have a very successful season.

Highly doubt another turnover / sideline celebration prop in college football is going to come close to touching that figure any time soon.

Head here to read the full piece from Cane Insider.