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Ever admitted to the media you didn't like your team?

New head coaches are, by nature, stuck with the teams they've inherited. Sure, they can sign a recruiting class in their first few months on the job, but for the most part they're stuck with what they've been given -- and usually it isn't good. There's a reason they hired you, after all. If things were going great, you'd have never been hired in the first place.

In Everett Withers' case, he took over a Texas State team that went 3-9 in 2015. The Bobcats dipped to 2-10 in 2016, and Withers' comments indicate that, in addition to the talent deficiencies you'd expect in a coaching change, Texas State's problems started in the locker room. He also says those issues have been fixed.

Withers: I didn't like those guys last year, either. I did't like 'em. Just so you know, I didn't.

Reporter: You like these guys better?

Withers: Love 'em. Are we more talented? No. We're not. But I like being around them. I like being around our guys. They're good people.

While many coaches suffering through 2-10 seasons likely think the same thing Withers did, it's not often you hear them say it.

Texas State head coach Everett Withers at spring game today saying he didn't like his players last year

— Sports Night (@Sports_NightTX) April 15, 2017