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Ever hear of the time Jim Harbaugh climbed a tree to land a recruit?

If you're a regular reader of Bill Simmons, you're familiar with the term "Tyson Zone." Essentially, it's when a sports figure, named after the famed and crazy boxer, reaches a point where any story is instantly believable simply because of how far out there the person in question has become. Ever hear of the time Tyson punched a chimpanzee? And then he married it?

Jim Harbaugh has reached the Tyson Zone, at least when it comes to recruiting. Because on the trail, it's become apparent there's nothing the Michigan head coach won't do to land a player.

Quickly following the time he bended the rule book or the time he invited himself to a sleepover at a recruit's house, Harbaugh brings you "the time he climbed a tree at a recruit's house."

Michigan is favored to land four-star cornerback David Long, Jr., but it's safe to say there will have to be some de-recruiting going on if and when he arrives in Ann Arbor.