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Every angle you could possibly want of Georgia Tech's Kick Six

If you can't get enough of the blocked field goal return Georgia Tech used to beat Florida State on Saturday night, you've come to the right place: Georgia Tech has compiled every camera angle they have and lumped them all into one video.

You can choose your own favorite, but the fifth replay, starting around the 3:45 mark, is mine. The camera angle focuses solely on Florida State kicker Roberto Aguayo, and it's like a depressing movie played out over the course of 20 seconds. Our protagonist strikes the ball, hoping to win the game for his team, then realizes disaster has struck. It takes a few moments for him to realize the gravity of the situation, then he kicks it into high gear, knowing he's the only chance his team has at staving off disaster.

Aguayo sprints into place, dives... and whiffs. We see his lifeless body helicopter to the ground as he's engulfed by ravenous Yellow Jackets.

Actually, no, I take that back. This is my favorite camera angle.