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Every college team should adapt this idea from the Buccaneers

The world of social media provides the opportunity for fans go get to know players and coaches beyond their performance on the field.

It is one thing to value a player for his production on the field for your team; but the connection can grow immensely once you learn what kind of person that player truly is.

For example, the Buccaneers have provided us with this hilarious video.

The video probably cost nearly nothing to produce, helps fans better get to know the personalities of the players involved and builds life-long fans of the team and the players.

Even if you're not a Tampa Bay (or Tom Brady) fan, there's something enjoyable about watching two grown men sitting next to a kiddie pool, giggling and calling each other "Tommy" and "Gronky".

This type of video is an easy way for teams to show player personalities and give depth to individuals outside of the game. Brady and Gronkowski, of course, are two famous players but this idea could easily be extended beyond well-known players and NFL teams.

Think of the applicability for college programs and ways to help their players gain fans...and the associated "name, image and likeness" value that can create for the players.

Have a senior center, who is great person, witty, and personable? Put him on camera. Let the fans get to know him. Perhaps this leads to a job offer down the line.

Content that is simple to make and a way for players to gain fans seems like a win-win.

We hope to see more of these in the future.

And when you're doing trying to figure out why Gronk is wearing those sunglasses, go check out The Scoop.