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Every new football facility's must-have accessory

There's something striking about the image. Something that rings a bell deep in your subconscious that stops you in your tracks, even if you don't immediately realize why you've stopped. You're standing on the hardwood, looking at a basketball goal, and behind in big, scarlet letters reads "OHIO STATE FOOTBALL".

Wait, huh?

Aside from the comedic element of including a different sport inside a sports team's facility -- Imagine a regulation football field with KENTUCKY BASKETBALL written in the end zones -- basketball has joined arcade games as a weapon in the facilities arms race.

Let's be clear: This isn't a basketball court that the football team has access to -- this is a basketball court specifically for the football team to use.

Ohio State is not the first. Check out the outdoor games area that accompanies Clemson's football theme park.

HOK, Clemson Football Operations Facility, Clemson SC

HOK, Clemson Football Operations Facility, Clemson SC

Basketball is the perfect compliment to any sport. Whether you're by yourself or with nine of your buddies, all you need is a ball and a hoop and you've killed an hour while fostering relationships and getting the blood pumping. Of course, there's more to Ohio State's renovated Woody Hayes Athletic Center than basketball.