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Every player needs to see Tony Romo's remarks on Dak Prescott

It appears now that Tony Romo's career -- with the Dallas Cowboys, at least -- will be written as a Greek tragedy.

A no-name kid from a tiny school steps into the bright lights of the most visible job on the most visible team in America's favorite sport and takes the world by storm. He succeeds early on, getting swept up in the celebrity of his possession, only to get the blame when everything goes wrong -- fairly or unfairly. That no-name kid settles down, grows into himself and becomes comfortable with his new life, and as he does the team around him crumbles. He carries the team through the lean times, only to see his body betray him as the team finally gets good again. In the twilight of his career, in the time when he should lead his once-proud franchise back to glory, he has to sit and watch a rookie lead his team and take his glory.

Again, it's the stuff Shakespeare would write.

Romo seems to realize the script playing out around him, and yet he's handling it with the grace he used to use to dance around in the pocket.

Breaking months of silence, Romo on Tuesday announced, essentially, that the Dallas Cowboys are Dak Prescott's team now and that, while he may not like it, he accepts it. And it doesn't matter how he feels about it, what matters is what's best for the team. Even if it's not what he wants.

It's too early to speculate where Romo's career will take him next. But it's safe to assume that whatever it is, he'll arrive with the highest level of respect.