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Everyone recognizes offense, defense, and special teams, but Bronco sees the fourth side of the ball as a key to success

Offense, defense and special teams. Those are the three universally recognized sides of the football by coaches and fans everywhere.

However, what if I told you there's a fourth side of the ball? Sounds a bit off the wall, right?

At ACC Media Day, that's exactly what Virginia head coach Bronco Mendenhall shared - that a fourth side of the ball exists,. Not only that, but that fourth side of the ball is so important in his eyes that he has his film people film it.

By now you've got to be wondering what the fourth side of the ball is. To explain that, here is Bronco's comments from ACC Media Day, where he began the quote by stating that he believes in simple successes.

"By small, and the simple things, great things are brought to pass. The simple things like seeing our team warm up correctly. I relish and cherish that, like when I see a player finish through the line as hard as he can go. We actually film our sideline, or what I call our fourth side of the ball. If I saw our fourth side of the ball, react in a game in a manner that look authentic, genuine, and supportive of what was happening for our team, those are things that I pass on to our team."

"Great things are built very simply, very methodically, and by being really detail oriented. It has yet to show in wins and losses," Mendenhall noted, referring to his team's 2-10 finish to last fall, "and I don;t know when that will happen. I'm certainly not going to let the small improvements that I see leading to that go without acknowledging the ones that I crave - those simple successes - as do our players."

Now that coach Mendenhall has helped educate you on the fourth side of the ball, what will you and your staff do with that information? Surely, that fourth side of the ball deserves some added attention, doesn't it?