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During Tuesday’s press conference, Maryland AD Damon Evans announced Rick Court is no longer Maryland’s head football strength coach. By the way Evans phrased it, it appeared Court had been fired, but further reporting indicated that is not the case.

Court resigned Monday with, as Pete Thamel indicated above, two-thirds of his contract going with him.

On Tuesday, Court released his resignation letter. He expressed remorse for Jordan McNair’s death resulting from a May 29 Terps workout while not assigning or excusing blame upon himself.

“Jordan McNair’s life and death are what we must all remember to put first as we face the future: What did we learn? How will we improve?,” he wrote. “What can we do to pay tribute to Jordan’s life? The gravity of the situation has deeply impacted my perspective on ‘the why’ I am coaching.”

Court’s role both in McNair’s death and the overall culture of Maryland football is currently at the center of three ongoing investigations: one by the university into the events leading to McNair’s death, a similar investigation conducted by a law firm hired by the McNair family, and a four-person panel examining the culture of Maryland football.

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