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An examination of Mike Leach's Twitter timeline provides endless entertainment

Look at the Twitter feeds of a lot of head coaches (and even athletic directors) and you'll see a lot of timelines flooded with generic info about the program, athletic department, how to become a season ticket holder, their camp info, and other information of the like.

The ones that understand the value of social media also use their profiles to provide a closer look at them as a person complete with their interests and a sense of humor, and that in turn adds a tremendous amount of value engaging their followers and fans.

Let's take a look at Mike Leach's timeline as a recent example. Sitting here Friday afternoon I noticed a rather odd tweet from Leach roll down my Twitter feed, and the further I dug, the more I appreciated Leach's approach to Twitter.

That link brings you to this video... An admitted history buff, the tweet just before that also offers a peek into his interests

On his timeline from yesterday is video of him at Pac-12 media day talking about - of all things - rollerblading

His timeline also includes some really good info on the Wazzu program, including this really creative edit

A lot of coaches preach about your RTs being a reflection of you, and a quick scroll a few days down Leach's timeline proves that he's a believer in that, as you'll find a number of history references, he'll RT good news of fellow friends and fans, and you'll also see an occasional reference like this...

Earlier this week, Leach also used his voice on social media to talk about an issue he feels strongly about, known as "Soverign Immunity" in Texas as continues to fume over a legal dispute centered on his dismissal at Texas Tech.

Coach Leach is one of a handful of FBS head coaches doing a tremendous job with social media, using it to educate, connect, and entertain fans, while also showing flashes of his personality and interests to engage fans and followers.

Leach is one of the most entertaining coaches in college football, and I'm glad to see his Twitter feed is no different.