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Expand the playbook or simplify it with inexperienced players? Michigan DC Don Brown offers his perspective

Michigan lost a number of really good defensive players to graduation and the NFL draft, and heading into this fall the Wolverines have young player stepping into those vacated roles.

Heading into fall camp, defensive coordinator Don Brown faced the same eternal question so many coaches and coordinators face heading into a season: Do you simplify things for your new starters and contributors, or do you expand and build on the playbook?

So many coaches are firm believers in the K.I.S.S acronym standing for Keep It Simple Stupid, or Keep It Stupid Simple, but that's not how everyone feels.

During the BTN Bus Stop Tour, Don Brown offered his answer for the young Wolverine defense.

"I believe in expansion. You know, coach [Harbaugh] will always tell me that 'more is more.' If you have more answers in your tool box then you can go to them throughout the season and it's a matter of just getting them back on recall."

"Concepts are fun to teach. Guys love challenges, they love to learn. Some guys come in every day coming in asking 'What are we doing new today?' That's kind of the attitude that you're searching for because it keeps them energized. So I think it's a positive. I really do."

Hear more from coach Brown below.