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The most expensive HS football stadium in America is now open

Last month we detailed the stadium boom that has spread across Collin County, Texas, just north of Dallas. Home to three of the fastest-growing cities in America, Collin County has or will see three palaces of high school football go up this decade, and that doesn't include the 12,000-seat indoor stadium that Frisco ISD shares with the Dallas Cowboys.

But the Dallas area isn't Texas's only booming economy, and as such it isn't alone in constructing shrines to high school football.

Cypress-Fairbanks ISD, located to the northwest of Houston, started the Texas stadium boom in 2003 when it opened the Berry Center, an $84 million multipurpose center that includes an 11,000-seat stadium.

Berry Center

To the south of Cy-Fair, due west of Houston, sits the city of Katy. Home to an estimated 17,000 people -- more than double the city's 1990 population and a 45 percent growth since 2000 -- Katy's median household income is just north of $73,000, 40 percent above the national average.

And much like its neighbors to the immediate and far north, Katy is about to open its own high school football palace.

Credit: Houston Chronicle

Credit: Houston Chronicle

Credit: Houston Chronicle

Credit: Houston Chronicle

Legacy Stadium will host the district's eight high schools, including the eight-time state champion Katy Tigers.

At a cost of $70.3 million, Katy is the state's -- and the nation's -- most expensive high school-specific stadium... that is, as long as the under-construction stadium in McKinney, Texas, passes it.