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As we all face and navigate the COVID-19 uncertainty, these staffs deserve special recognition

American sports are currently in uncharted waters as professional sports organizations like the NBA, MLB, and MLS have opted to suspend or cancel their seasons, and March Madness, spring sports, and spring football practices are being halted, all in the name of the coronavirus.

It is both scary and disappointing in a number of ways, and like nothing American society has ever seen.

Yet there is a silver lining in all of this, and social media has brought a few of those instances to my attention. While coaches and student athletes are dealing with the difficult news of their seasons and careers coming to an end, a few coaches have stepped up to find a way to teach lifelong lessons in a way that I think we can all learn from.

First up is the women's basketball team at Ferris State (D-II - MI). Many programs probably had a somber team meeting to share the news that most had already caught wind of via social media, but what Ferris decided to do is significantly different. After hearing the news that their season had abruptly come to an end due to circumstances well beyond their control, the team took the court one last time to live out their dreams in a different, but equally as important way.

You can see players going through pregame warm ups, girls pretending to hit game winners and then getting mobbed by teammates in a true March Madness type fashion, and some emotions coming out as the team realizes this is their last time on the court together.

Credit the Ferris State women's staff for finding a way to create special memories for this group of women. Truly a remarkable idea that those girls will NEVER forget.

The other one that I came across this morning is from TCU. Earlier in the day yesterday, the Big 12 announced that it was suspending all regular season athletic competition until March 29th, meaning the Horned Frogs baseball team isn't entirely sure of what the future holds at this point. Upon hearing news that the NCAA Women's tournament was being cancelled, the baseball team, with roses in hand, met the women's team coming off their team bus and presented them with the rose and a hug.

Both of these staffs deserve a lot of credit for these creative approaches during such uncertain times.

If you happen to see more programs doing things like this, please bring them to my attention so we can shine the proper light on them. You can reach me via DM @CoachSamz.