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Facing fourth and goal? How about a screen to the LEFT TACKLE?!?!

Just before the half on Saturday, down 21-28, Augsburg College (D-III - MN) faced a fourth and goal from the three yard line against Bethel (D-III - MN).

They came out in a pretty standard formation, with three receivers to the right, and a grounded tight end to the left.

What transpired after that is pure evil genius.

After a roll out from the quarterback to the three receiver side, he turns and throws it...TO THE LEFT TACKLE, who did some smooth backpedaling after leting two rushers go by him untouched. The lineman (Bob Rose) caught the lateral behind where the quarterback set up to throw, making the creative play completely legal.

Augsburg used the momentum of the play to rally from 21 points down in the second half to win 49-42.

If you've got an athletic big fella (backpedaling required) with some hands, you might want to look at adding this one to the playbook.