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Fans bailed early on Michigan State's win over Nebraska, and MSU isn't happy about it

Nebraska v Michigan State

The relationship between college football programs who host games and the fans who attend them has never been more one-sided. Programs are courting the fan, massaging the fan, coaxing the fan and all but pleading with the fan to hop off his couch and see a game in person (while buying a large popcorn, a Coke or Pepsi product and a licensed t-shirt).

The conversation usually goes something like this: "We'll do our best to create a team worth supporting and an environment worth experiencing, and you'll show up to support us."

We've seen what happens when a school doesn't hold up its end of the bargain, but what about when it goes the other way?

Exhibit A in this case may have happened Saturday night in East Lansing. After the hometown Spartans built a 27-3 lead on undefeated Nebraska in a huge Big Ten showdown, ABC cameras showed multiple overhead shots of Spartan Stadium with massive swaths of completely empty bleachers.

Michigan State athletic director Mark Hollis then tweeted some strong words for fans, especially students, who ducked out early.