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Fans seemed to have found a new way to criticize coaches via celebs and Cameo

Frustrated Iowa fans found a creative new way to criticize Hawkeyes offensive coordinator Brian Ferentz by leaning on celebs like Bob Stoops and Fran McCaffery to deliver their message.

Iowa is off to a less than ideal start on the offensive side of the ball.

You may have thought that after watching the Hawkeyes in their week one 7-3 win over FCS South Dakota State that things couldn't get much worse offensively. However, Kirk Ferentz's group dropped a 10-7 decision to rival Iowa State this past Saturday and finished with just 150 yards of total offense.

Online criticism after a start like that is nothing new to coaches, but fans have seemingly found a new way to criticize coaches by using celebs as a medium via Cameo - the platform where people can pay celebrities to leave a message for their loved ones or people in need of encouragement.

That's where things get rather interesting here...

With Hawkeyes offensive coordinator Brian Ferentz in the crosshairs, frustrated fans paid Bob Stoops to leave "Brian" a pep talk message.

It's pretty clear when you read between the lines who the target of the message is, unbeknownst to Bob.

As if that wasn't enough, someone also got Hawkeyes men's basketball coach Fran McCaffery (unknowingly on his part, surely as well) in on it too.

If it wasn't clear who the target was beforehand, it'll be crystal clear after coach Fran is done talking. 

I'm not sure about you, but the comment about moving back to New England is what sealed the deal for me.

Say what you want about college football fans, the fanatical ones will get crazy creative to get their message across.

Some will think this crosses the line, but a whole lot of folks are going to be laughing pretty hard at the thought that went into this.

Only in college football...