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FBS assistant has an interesting reason why he spent the last 48 straight hours at the facility after tough loss

Pitt's week two home game against Penn State didn't exactly go as the staff had hoped. Penn State jumped out to a 14-6 lead at the half, and then came out in the second half and really got things rolling with 16 third-quarter points, and a 21 point explosion in the fourth en route to a 51-6 loss to the Nittany Lions.

Pitt tight ends coach Tim Salem was asked what a loss like that does to a coach's workload heading into the next week, and shared that he hadn't left the football facility in 48 hours as they prep for Georgia Tech.

"I haven't slept since the game, if that's what you're asking. Really. I've been in this building since 7am Sunday. I haven't left."

"I think sometimes, when you play and you lose a game, a little bit of you has died. You do somewhat die when you lose a game. To recover from that, you just have to turn the page and buckle up for the next one," Salem shared. "You sit around nowadays and wait, sulk, and complain for 48 hours and you've just lost 48 hours of preparation for the next game. We play 12 one-game seasons, because every week is a season by itself. You have to prepare like that."

Salem went on to share that if they had won instead this past weekend he'd probably still have kept the same schedule, noting that the honey-do list for him at home is much easier to manage when he spends so much time at the office.

"When I get home late at night, it's 'Honey, can you change that light bulb? Can you move this out of the garage?' No. I don't want to change light bulbs. I'm not moving nothing to the garage. So I don't want to go home. I don't have to do that stuff, the honey-do list is gone because I'm not there. This is my sanctuary right here."

"You've got to try it. It'll work."

Hear Salem's full comments below.