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FBS football has an equal or higher rate of coaching changes than every other sport - except one

It's been a down couple years for coaching changes at the FBS level -- at least in terms of tonnage. Twenty-one jobs have changed hands in each of the past two winters, down from the monstrous numbers of 28 (2011), 31 (2012) and 29 (2015).

And yet there is something absurd in that statement, that its notably when only one in programs change head coaches after a given season. That isn't the norm in other sports, and we now have the numbers to prove it.

The NCAA's research department on Tuesday published a chart tracking the rate of head coaching changes across 32 total Division I sports. Studying the 2016-17 academic year, FBS football had a 19 percent rate of change, which was first among all men's sports and nearly 50 percent higher than the average rate (13 percent). FCS football trailed behind at 14 percent, tying basketball for fourth among all men's sports.

But football has nothing on women's water polo. That sport posted a 21 percent change rate to lead all sports. Of note, there are only 34 Division I women's water polo teams, according to the Association of Collegiate Water Polo Coaches. Women's beach volleyball and women's rowing tied FBS football at 19 percent.

For any coaches burned out on the constant turnover in major college football, you might want to see if any men's volleyball teams are hiring. That sport came in 32nd place among all 32 sports surveyed, posting just a 5 percent turnover rate.

Credit: NCAA

Credit: NCAA