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With storm approaching, and game cancelled, coach makes an awesome gesture to those in path of the storm

With Hurricane Florence moving closer and closer to the east coast, a number of games have already been called off (which you can keep track of here).

The FCS match up between Colgate and Furman (SC) was one of those games in Florence's path, but it's what Colgate head coach Dan Hunt and the program decided to do after the game got cancelled that is garnering some extra attention - and deservedly so.

With accommodations for his team already made well in advance, Hunt decided to put those resources to good use for those that are, and soon will be, in need.

"At the end of the day, you have to look at the big picture and that's the safety of everyone involved. And by that I mean the teams and families but also the allotment of resources used for the game that could be better used somewhere else," Hunt shared in a statement.

"We immediately gave up our hotel rooms so that more rooms are now available to those coming inland," Hunt said. "But we still bought the meals we were going to have and requested that the hotel serve those meals to the people who have been relocated, on us."

"We were going to have Chick-fil-A delivered to the airplane after the game but have sent instructions that those meals be distributed wherever it could do the most good."

"It's obviously a disappointment that we are not playing but at the end of the day, there are decisions bigger than football that need to be made for the safety of a lot of people. This is 100 percent the right decision."

What a classy move by coach Hunt and the Colgate program. Hopefully this prompts other programs in a similar situation to follow suit however they're able. In all honesty, this should be the standard in situations like this, and coach Hunt and his guys deserve the credit.

Head here to read the full release from the school.