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An FCS program announced its signing class with billboards

Every college football program did its best on Wednesday to plaster its singing class across social media. While it gets the fan base signed up, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and the like are kind of an echo chamber. Those who want the news can see it, but those who are oblivious remain that way. For a program looking to aggressively market itself to the masses, Mercer needed to break out of the Internet and into the real world.

So they bought billboards. Not banner ads, real billboards.


The Bears splashed their hometown of Macon and the all-important Atlanta area with the digital ads you see above. Part of it is to build on a successful re-launching of the program - Mercer is 18-8 since bringing the program back in 2013 - but most of it is to make the portion of the population outside the bubble aware of the program's existence.

While some programs are pulling back their investment on football, Mercer, which went 72 years without a football program, has gone all-in on the sport since its return. Just look to the skies for proof.