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Feast your eyes on the 41-game 2015-16 bowl schedule

Bowl season has really become just that: an entire season. The 2015-16 bowl season will consist of 41 games spanning 24 days, from mid December to darn near the middle of January, at locations ranging from Yankee Stadium to the Bahamas.

A handful of new games joined this year's lineup: the Arizona Bowl in Tucson (which, as you'll see below, still lacks a date and time), and the Cure Bowl in Orlando. For those keeping score at home, that's now three postseason games at Orlando's Citrus Bowl Stadium in less than two weeks.

All but two games will be played on ESPN's family of networks - the aforementioned Cure Bowl will be on CBS Sports Network, and CBS has, somehow, held on to the Sun Bowl through all these years, though it has vacated its traditional New Year's Eve perch for the day after Christmas.

Speaking of Dec. 26, the schedule fell just right to provide the perfect tonic to ignore your family and work off that Christmas hangover with a whopping six games - I think they call that a sextuple-header - starting at 11 a.m. ET and ending well after midnight.

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If you think 41 bowls is too many, well, it's best time you start ducking and covering because there's a good chance next year's schedule will have at least 43 games.