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Find yourself a mentor like Texas co-OC / OL coach Herb Hand

Coaches everywhere are using social media to help build their brand in a way that appeals that people that will, one day down the road, hire them in one capacity or another.

Rarely do you see social media being used to help someone else land a job.

But that's exactly what Herb Hand (who has over 44,000 followers) decided to use his platform for earlier tonight with a resounding stamp of approval for his offensive line graduate assistant Garrett Graf.

Graf played offensive line for the Longhorns just prior to Hand's arrival in Austin before starting his coaching journey as a graduate assistant with the program. His work ethic and approach are clearly appreciated by Hand, as you can tell from his tweet.

In a society obsessed with harnessing social media in an effort to make ourselves look as good as possible, it's great to see a coach use his platform to help further someone else's career with a simple approach like this.

This is a great lesson for young guys in the profession as well - find someone willing to do things like this for you, once you put in the work.

February 29th update> Graf has joined the staff at Midwestern State as their new offensive line coach. Well done all around.