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First I'm gonna pull this bus, then I'll tell you where I'm going to play.??.

Sitting at a table with multiple hats is pretty boring; but I can't get into this latest fad with recruits teaming up with outlets to do shock videos to announce their "commitment".

The latest version of, "Really?" comes compliments of Bleacher Report and an offensive lineman named Parker Boudreaux. In the video which you can see here (B/R doesn't allow embedding of their videos), the high school athlete does some lifting and then walks out and pulls a school bus forward before revealing that he intends to play at Notre Dame in the future.


I can only imagine the phone call from Brian Kelly, "Parker, we're so excited that you will be playing here...What's that?...Oh, you plan to announce it via Bleacher Report. Ok, sure, have fun....Um, did you say a made for internet video in which you will pull a bus...Hmm, you sure you like that idea? Ok then, have fun." [hangs up]... [opens office door]...[walks down the hall to the offensive staff room]..."Well, you guys aren't going to believe this one..."

Whatever floats your boat man. Whatever.