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Fisch: "When you go back to college after coaching in the NFL, you've got a whole new perspective."

In a video aimed at recruits that came out of Arizona recently, Jedd Fisch utilizes all the tools at his disposal to share why Arizona's football program is the place to be under his leadership.

There's a belief out there among college football coaches that the best recruiters you have at your disposal are your players, and that's who Arizona leans on through much of this video as players share their perspective on how the new staff has energized the program and made them feel more confident and closer, while Wildcat legends like Tedy Bruschi and Gronk also appear in the video to provide all the positive spin you'd expect to see in a virtual recruiting pitch.

The entire video has an outstanding message about the new direction of the program. 

What really stuck out to me though, is Fisch's perspective on coming back to the college level. After some time working under Sean McVay with the Rams and Bill Belichick in New England, Fisch shares how he has a whole new perspective being back at the college level now armed with those experiences and with a staff full of NFL veterans.

"When you get to coach in college after being in the NFL, you have a whole different perspective. When you can go grab those guys that have 100 years of NFL experience, we know we're getting the best of the best."

"We know what it looks like at the next level, and we can help you get there, if you embrace what we tell you."

New defensive coordinator Don Brown pops in just after Fisch shares that nugget to share the honest truth about his coaching style on the defensive side of the ball too so potential recruits are not disillusioned as to what to expect.

"If you don't want to be pushed, and you don't want to excel, then I'm probably not a really good guy to be around."

The end of the clip starts to talk about how turning around the program has become something personal to the players, and the coaches have embraced that message as well.

"Everybody gets a clean slate. Everybody gets a fresh start. We're not going back. We're going forward," Brown goes on to share.

Take a look at the full recruiting pitch from Fisch's program in the clip.